So, you are considering moving your C++ project to a newer, managed, language with better syntax and capabilities, namely C#.  Wouldn't it be a easier if some of the tedious work of porting the classes were performed automatically?  Well, the answer is: It is a lot easier.

    This software scans through the source code .cpp and .h include files, and pieces together .cs files that, while aren't going to work or even compile, are very much closer to what is needed to have things working in C#.

    When you are editng the generated files, Remember a couple of things:
-->  Any object passed into a C# method should not be modified by the method because the original might be modified (this includes any argument, not just those passed with the ref modifier).  Always duplicate the object, unless ref is desiered, and then you shouls use the ref modifier.   There is also the out modifier.

Would you like to try it out?  Please log in to try a sample.  You need to select a .cpp and the corresponding header file (unless you put it all into the .cpp file).  There still may be header files that are not included because most compilations include a many header files which in turn may include other header files, so this sample might not turn out as nicely as if the program was run from your machine.
.CPP source file:             Header file: